L’Eté de Matelas, La Fin du Monde

Boss Battle, The Forgotten Depths. Summer ’14 us dudeguys return from self-imposed exile to actual focused activity. Suffice to say that aside getting into some devious endeavors situated on the violent fault lines betwixt life and art, we’ve managed to keep busy hammering out new palp that may completely ruin your opinion of us as a band/people. No one’s heard it yet. We don’t even get it yet. Not even us couple a cherubim Jim Hendrixes can fully wrap our chubby fangles ’round these shapes yet. Smells like a truth: we have fully actualized our ineptitude and inefficacy in the swirling toilet current of life. Maybe. But goddamn we are enjoying it. So who cares. Shit is gonna be fun. Come hang with us at one o’ these shows and give us a touch if you wanna rock together. No one knows what the future holds. Tomorrow may not happen.


Pts. if you know whose windbreaker that is in the old photo fr. Dan Nott.


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