We have decided that this new album is going to be a

(wait for it)



not in the classical sense of the term, which in most cases would describe a series of songs/works/compositions/fartjokes arranged in accordance with and unified by an overarching meta-idea/-image/-story/-shape/-fartjoke to create in its summation a singular and conclusive work out of many smaller exercises, explorations, meditations, et al.; a sum of parts; a what have you;


this will instead be a decidedly un-unified (saving for semi-coherence in arrangement, perhaps) collection of songs all contrived of similarly disparate and elaborate subject matter and origins, and all having nothing to do with anything other than themselves and the glaringly obvious and startlingly pointless fact that the entire mess was conceived of and constructed by the same two unapologetic bozos.

Continuity is henceforth discontinued, cohesion born of incohesion, form found or imagined where there always was and always is none, the outcome entirely inconsequential and inconclusive.

Not a concept album, but a concept album.

Thank you.

I’m the fucking Beatles.


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